Sort of Incorrect Les Miserables Lyrics — You’re the One That I Want

FLASHBACK: Darren Criss for People Magazine (2011)


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Me:  Hi, I’m Jennifer.  (Shaking his hand.)

Chris:  Hi, good to see you!

Me:  Nice to meet you.

Chris:  You too, you too.

Me:  I brought you these last year, and I was too star struck, and forgot to give them to you.

Chris:  Oh!  Look at that!

Me:  Ninja Kitties…


Chris:  Oh my god.

Alla:  You know he’s gonna wear that, right?

Chris:  Oh, yeah, I will.

Me:  I hope so!  And, the very British llama.


Chris:  Oh, that is incredible.  ’Indeed.’  He’s gorgeous.

Me:  They’re kinda tight, they’re kinda small, but you’re kinda… you’ll get the bulging biceps out of it.

Chris:  Oh, god bless you.  Thank you so much!  Look at that.

Me:  You’re welcome!  And, I tweeted you about my niece, and this is her.

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fucking glee is going to be a big shitstorm mess

I’m glad it’s going to be aired during the end of my junior year rather than senior year bc I’m gonna rage

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54/100 pictures of Chris Colfer

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Chris Colfer’s wardrobe [insp x x]


I just can’t fucking get over those spoilers

I’m raging

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Happy Bisexual Awareness Day! I know for sure I’ve got some bisexual followers and at least one mutual so happy day for you!

» Glee Season 6 Spoilers – “Loser Like Me” Details!


…About Kurt and the Speed Date thing….

I have a little tidbit.


flirting within poetry club again

this is going to go swimmingly

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